This person called me and asked if I would be willing to sell my RCI bonus weeks that I would not be using. He said that companies that usually hold conventions, etc on the west coast are looking to hold these on the east coast this year due to the virus, and they are looking for unused inventory. He said he worked through the Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services with his license number being TP86135. His company is supposedly named International Corporate Events, and they sell RCI and II rentals to corporations. He wanted me to put up $399 for each of the 6 weeks I could rent, which is the activation fee that has to be paid to make a week available, and then when the weeks rented, I would supposedly get $1400. So he wanted me to put up about $2,400 to make the 6 weeks available. I think this has to be a scam and that I would be out $2,400. I called RCI and they said it is not allowable to sell extra vacation weeks like this.
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Chris Carr
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