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I had carpet installed on 8-8-19. The installers did not install the carpet that they showed me on the truck or the carpet that I selected with the sales person. There were three in installers that came into my home first and then there were five more that came in another truck. They installed a different carpet from what they showed me on the truck and what I selected with the sales person. I have been trying to work with Megan in your Customer Service and she said there is nothing I can do. That I signed a contract.
But, I signed a contract for the color that was on the sales person sample board and that is not what Empire installed in my home. I was told that the sales person is not allowed to come back out to my home to show me the samples that I selected from. This is dishonest and wrong!! If the sales person sold me carpet, then they should be able to come back out to show me the sample board that I chose from!

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